Discover How the Planets Impact You

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In your 90-minute private consultation with me, we will use two energetic tools—a Tarot card reading and an astrological chart analysis—to help you more consistently and consciously draw in energies that fuel your personal growth, while at the same time, illuminate the unconscious aspects of your story that may be holding you back in life.



Using an astrological chart analysis, I will provide you with an intimate understanding of your natal energy field, i.e. your personality and path in life.

With this heightened awareness, you will begin to feel more empowered to move through the challenges and opportunities—both now and in the future—that face you.

I will also examine the "transits" affecting you. These transits help me to see into your future, not as a means of prediction, but rather as a means to investigate the energy matrix presenting itself to you the week we meet, the month ahead, and the year as a whole. I like to call this your "cosmic clock."

Essentially, with this awareness you will begin to consciously choose which energies will guide your awakening process rather than unconsciously suffer under the manifestations of its shadows.

This essence of movement—the circling planets and their energetic pathways—is really no different than capturing movement in a still frame. My 30-year career as a professional dance photographer has therefore sharpened my ability to perceive and capture such movement in your charts.



While astrology reveals the planetary forces shaping your incarnated Self, the Tarot reveals its underlying tendencies along with which aspects seek healing at this moment in time.

The visual symbolic language of the Tarot, in tandem with my detailed interpretation, will help you to connect with your inner wisdom. More specifically, you will learn if your current path is either attracting support or hindering your journey towards awakening.

It's this subtle piece in particular—interacting with the archetypal images of the Tarot—that can have a profound impact, both conscious and subconscious, allowing you to more deeply integrate its messages.


A Reading costs 150.00 CAD

Long distance readings are possible.


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