I Have a Deep Attraction to

Archetypal Symbolism

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Cylla von Tiedemann


There  has always been a deep attraction to archetypal symbolism in my life, which brought me to the Arts, the Tarot, and to Astrology.

I have studied astrology for over 2 decades. After completing the course in Evolutionary Astrology with Maurice Fernandez in 2010, I founded my consulting company called, astroframe.

I work as a consultant and teach on retreats and at my Round Table events.

My keen interest in deep psychology turned me to several healing modalities such as, Eastern philosophies, new western psychology, shamanism and Kundalini yoga.

I am a compassionate listener with access to a broad circle of healing practitioners.

I grew up in Germany and immigrated to Canada in my early 30’s. I live and work in Toronto where I have established myself as a well-regarded Performing Arts Photographer.