Join Us in Our Round Table

A new Beginner's Round Table starts on Oct 3 2018 for 10 weeks. Learn to understand your chart and how the moving planets might stimulate you !

Astrology & Kundalini retreat Sep 7-9 in Caledon, Ontario !

The universe lives within us!

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Would you like to learn how to read your own astrological charts, while also tracking the ever-evolving influence coming from the circling planets?



The Round Table is an invitation for an exploratory dialogue of how the planets are affecting us at this point in time. Each week, we will examine a current planetary theme and how it impacts us individually.

The intention is for you to build a basic foundation in astrology, which I like to call our "celestial medicine."


When are the Weekly Round Tables?

Each week, I host two round tables that you are invited to join:

1. Sunday, between 4 and 6pm

2. Wednesday, between 7 and 9pm


I prefer to keep these round tables intimate to provide more attention to each of the members. A maximum of 9 people are welcome to join each time.


There are several options to participate:

Single Session  40.00 CAD

5 Sessions  150.00 CAD

10 Sessions  250.00 CAD


* No need to attend each week in a row.

* Updated personal charts will be provided each week.


For more information contact Cylla at or call 416.417.3656